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We have been providing the following services in Lancashire since 1979:


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We have been vetted by the Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) and approved to work in situations with vulnerable adults or children.

I tune and repair pianos in the traditional way we carry out work in schools, colleges and private homes, in the Blackpool area. Most of my clients have their pianos tuned to concert pitch A440. However, some pianos, due to their age, cannot be tuned to A440. However, I always try to bring the piano up to pitch when possible. Pitch is very important to young pianist when learning the piano. Particularly for young Children under the age of eight, the wrong pitch can put them off , if the note they are playing on their piano is not the same pitch compared to the one on their music teacher's piano. However, bringing the piano up to pitch takes more time and therefore can cost more

Why do we need to maintain our piano? The piano is a highly developed, complicated piece of equipment. It contains about 240 different lengths of highly tensioned wire. (Approx. 160lbs per note and a 15% increase in the bass giving you an overall strain on the frame of 21 tons approx.) These lengths of wire go to make up 85 to 88 notes spread across the musical keyboard range. Plus, for each note, there exists a mechanism, which in the case of an upright piano contains up to 14 different moving parts per note. In the case of a grand up to 22 per note.

A piano must be maintained at a specific tension to achieve a good musical sound for the strings, the matter of maintenance becomes an on-going process. Since a piano consists mainly of wood and iron, all of this is subject to movement when the temperature and humidity change. The movement of the wooden sound board, framework, cause the wires to change tension without prompting by the user. Thus, it becomes necessary to set up a minimal schedule of tuning of the instrument to ensure reliable and pleasant results.

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